An update on proposed amendments to regulations of liquor products act ( Wine Law 3/2019)

The Wine and Spirits Board(WSB) circulated their third Wine Law for 2019, inviting comments on the proposed amendments to the regulations. The wine law includes permissible alternatives for class designations, provisions for rules for the use of words such as gluten, sulphites, lower in alcohol etc. In addition, the wine law provides guidance on the addition of water to wine.

The amendment also included provisions for flavoured Vodka and Gin as well as Pot still brandy which requires discontinuous batch distillation. In addition, the amendment makes provision for spirit barrel-aged wine, it is suggested to allow wines to be matured in spirit barrels for a minimum period of 3 months, and such wine must state the name of the spirit concerned. Lastly, a mampoer class of spirit is proposed to be established.

The amendment highlighted that Cannabis may not be used in the production of liquor products, as Cannabis is not regarded as a flavouring.  SALBA, however, is in support of allowing the use of elements of cannabis that are safe for consumption and requested a properly worded amendment that will ensure consumer protection from harmful elements of cannabis.

Please click here to access wine law 3/2019