AWARE Launches new code of Commercial communication

AWARE has launched its new code of commercial communication. The code is a voluntary commitment by all AWARE partners to monitor and regulate their marketing strategies. In addition, the code is a pledge on the shared vision for a healthy and alcohol wise generation. The code aims to shape the role that the alcohol industry plays in the consumer space that has fewer capabilities on grasping the consequences of abusing alcohol. Please see a short summary of what the code entails.

Preventing underage appeal

Any person depicted in the act of drinking in commercial communication may not be or appear to be younger than 25. No celebrities or sportsmen should appear drinking alcohol.

Responsible messaging

A responsibility message or icon should be included in all commercial communication – this includes having a gatekeeper for the website that will request age verification. Not for sale to persons under the age of 18” has been amended to ”Not for persons under the age of 18”

Billboard advertising of alcoholic beverages should be placed 500 meters away from schools, community centres and places of worship.


Please click the link below for a copy of the code.