South Africans come to the party and take responsibility on day one of Alert Level 3

Monday, 01 June 2020 MEDIA RELEASE

South Africans come to the party and take responsibility on day one of Alert Level 3

Despite the long queues, the opening of the liquor trade after nine weeks of zero trading went off without major hitches. Members of the alcohol industry were unanimous in their praise for the way retailers, restaurants, taverns, and consumers rose to the challenge and demonstrated the safe and legal re- opening of the sector under Alert Level 3.

South African Liquor Brandowners’ Association (SALBA) CEO Kurt Moore said, “Today, South Africa really showed what we can do when we work together. We were confident of the professionalism and efficiency of our retailers, and that comprehensive safety protocols would be in place to protect staff and consumers. What stood out, however, is how everyone, from the tavern owners to the supermarket retailers, and from the restaurants to the consumers, worked and acted responsibly to make this a success.”

Under the Level 3 regulations, taverns and restaurants may now sell alcohol for home consumption. Moore pointed out that this broadened the distribution sources and helped reduce the need to queue. The industry used its various media platforms to drive home its call for cooperation from consumers to drink responsibly, to be patient, and to observe social distancing protocols.

SAB Vice President of Corporate Affairs and board member of Beer Association of South Africa (BASA), Zoleka Lisa said how the brands cooperated to get the message across was to be commended. She said she was especially proud to see the proactive role played by the tavern owners to meet the COVID-19 safety protocols. “They took the initiative and were hard at work in the days before the opening, preparing their premises for off-consumption sales,” she said. “Today, they showed they were serious about addressing transmission risk by ensuring social distancing and proper hygiene, as well as several other measures.”

VinPro CEO Rico Basson added, “We have always sought to work with the government and stakeholders to the benefit of everyone and today we saw how that spirit of collaboration works. This is a good sign, and the actions of all South

Africans give us hope. These efforts were never just about trading on day one of Alert Level 3. This was about the long-term, positive reactivation of the industry

— one which has a wide and deep value chain — and today we took the first

steps towards reviving the country’s economy.”

The industry, supported by the Liquor Traders Association of South Africa (LTASA), and the Consortium of Liquor Traders Associations (LTA) felt its hard work and the open collaboration with government and law enforcement had been a huge success.

The agreement between industry, retailers, and government also enlisted the support of the Consumer Goods Council South Africa’s Risk Hotline to help monitor and report crimes and illicit activities associated with irresponsible alcohol consumption.

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