Wine Law 3

The Wine and Spirits Board has circulated a Wine Law to invite comments on the proposed amendments to the regulations. Most of the amendments are based on requests from SALBA and other industry bodies.

The document deals with the below, among others;

  1. Permissible alternative class designations
  2. Incorporating rules regarding gluten, sulphites, lower in alcohol, light, lite and kilojoules
  3. Addition of water to wine
  4. Flavoured vodka
  5. Spirit-barrel-aged wine
  6. Low alcohol wine, de-alcoholised wine and alcohol free wine

PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE REQUIREMENTS FOR CIDER. Currently the Regulations under the Liquor Products Act stipulate that up to 25 % of a cider may consist of pear juice or perry. A proposal has been tabled that the 25 % also be allowed to be grape juice or an alcoholic fruit beverage derived solely from grape juice.

Kindly note that this is for information purposes. Click on the link below to access the Wine Law.